Impact of e-Business

Electronic business is responsible for a lot of changes that have taken place in the business world.
The following is not a complete list, it just includes a few of the things that have changed as a result of e-business.

1... Small companies can have huge markets:

In the past, online large companies could appeal to customers around the world.
Because of the internet, smaller companies can now have a worldwide presence.

2... Cheaper to run a small business:

In the past, most business had a physical store or office. This means paying rental, heating the building, paying for electricity and water and also driving to work.
With e-business, companies can have an online space and they don't all need an actiual bricks-and-mortar location.
Computers software has also allowed them to create their own adverstising and keep track of their own finances.
In the past they might have had to pay someone to do all this, now they can do it themselves.

3... Stores can be open 24 hours, at no extra cost:

e-Commerce allows customers to make purchases at any time of the day. Websites never close!

4... Changes in employment:

e-businesses have caused changes in employment by causing a decrease in the number of store clerks and cashiers. Business owners don't have to hire as many customer service staff because so much is done online. The corrolary of this, however, is that e-business has increased the demand for other jobs like website designers, software engineers and computer programmers.
It's important to think about this shift in employment as you think about your future career. One thing, that several years ago no one predicted, was the increase in jobs related to shipping and delivery.
Because so many things are being purchased online, there has been an increase in jobs for companies like UPS and FedEx.

Further Questions...
1. e-Business has caused a change in employment. Can you list some jobs that are no longer in demand because of e-business? Can you list some jobs whose demand has increased because of e-business?
2. Can you think of other things have been impacted as a result of e-business?