1.15 - Merchandise Program

1... Create the following form

3... Some specifics:
- Your four textboxes for size should begin with the number zero inside.
- When the user clicks on the button, the program will calculate Subtotal, Taxes and Grand Total and display
the amount in the labels.
- You can make up the prices for the different jerseys, don't forget that taxes will be 14% or 0.14
- To insert the image you will have to first download an image, then select Picture Box from the toolbox.
You will then have to find the image in the folder in which it was saved.
- Also, ensure that the SizeMode property for the picture is set to zoom.
- Your prices for the jerseys should be set up as constants.
-You will want your currency values to be formatted to 2 decimal places.
You can do this with the following code: lblPrice.Text = Format (intPrice, "0.00")