MSWord - Business Letters

While we have new technologies like email and texting, there are still times where a business letter is needed.

There are two main aspects to a business letter: THE FORMAT and THE CONTENT.

The FORMAT includes how the letter appears: the margins, the spacing, the indents, etc.
The CONTENT includes what is actually being said in the letter: the words, the message, the spelling, the grammar, etc.
Obviously both of these things are important.

The two main types of business letters are full block and semi block.
A major difference between full block and semi-block formatting is that in semi-block the paragraphs are idented. The most popular type is full block.
Here are the formatting standards for a FULL BLOCK letter.
When you write your letter you should follow these standards.

A SEMI BLOCK letter is similar, here is an example.

It is very important to write clearly and professionally.
Writing "hey man, i really want dis job, can u hook me up?" might not be the best approach to writing a cover letter.

Follow these rules when writing:
Here are some examples of well written business letters. One is full block while the other is semi block.

This video will help you with both the formatting and content of the letter:

These website includes great tips about writing a business letter, you should read through them before writing your letter... YOUR ASSIGNMENT:
You are to create a full block, letter of application to the following person:

Bob Jones
The Future Shop
Fanshawe Pk Rd
London, ON
N5Y 4W4

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and state that you are applying for a part-time position as a salesperson.
Your friend who works there told you about a possible position at the outlet.

Paragraph 2: Include personal characteristics that you may possess such as honesty, diligence, punctuality, intelligence.
Include any work experience or skills that you may have which may relate to the job to which you are applying.
For example, you are taking BTA and you will be learning about all the different software, about how technology has impacted or world, about compute hardware, etc...

Paragraph 3:State that you would like an interview and input your home phone number in this paragraph as well.

Note: include /Enclosure at the end of your resume to indicate that your resume is enclosed as well.


Take some time to review the appropriate margins, the spacing, the colons, the semi colons, etc.
You may want to take another look at the formatting standards for a FULL BLOCK letter.
Also, spend some time brainstorming ideas and major points that you will include in each paragraph.

Rubric, if needed.