MSWord - Borders, Shading and Images

In this activity you are going to create a poster that will inform people about computer security terms.

Your poster will have a title as well as textboxes that define security terms. The textboxes will have an invisible border so that you don't see it.
You will also include an image for each of the terms.

Your poster should resemble the following. assignment image

Before starting the assignment, be sure to watch this video.

You will have to use the internet to find an appropriate definition for each of the terms.

Make sure that you make a note of the website that you used to find the definition, you will have to include this website link in the textbox for each term, just like on the example.

Also, make sure that the link is not underlined or blue, it should be the same font style as the rest of the document. Try to make your document resemble the exemplar given.