The History of the Internet

The internet is a pretty incredible thing.
The person who invented the internet was named Bill Internet.
He thought of the idea, then programmed the whole thing, in one day.
He then sold it for $3.00, bus fare and a pack of chewing gum.
OK, just kidding.

The internet obviously wasn't invented in one day.
It also wasn't initally designed to do what it does today.

When it was first invented no one imagined things like ebay, youtube or facebook.
They also didn't imagine that so many people would be so interested in cats.

Instead, the history of the internet is really just a series of small steps, each one leading to something else.
Initially it was designed to share files, and then it just sort of expanded after that.

You can read more about the history of the internet at The History Channel.
The following video also gives you a very good idea of the history and they steps involved in making the internet what it is today:

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