Web Site Design Criteria

No 1 rule - Look how the successful web sites are designed, and imitate their strengths

No 2 rule - Do what most of the better web site designers do - your site will be easier to navigate

Good Navigation

  • All links active - no dead links
  • All links visible on opening screen - no scrolling needed to see links
  • All pages accessible from main screen
  • Easy to "Return to Home Page"
  • Keep to standard link colours
  • Display the name of the web site, not the URL (address)

Font-Text Selection

  • Use of Sans Serif font
  • Consistent font - don't change font on your site
  • Appropriate sizes used
  • Good contrast with background
  • Break text into small paragraphs - don't have large bodies of text
  • Use sub-headings
  • Don't use the underline feature on your web site - it is mistaken for a web link

Colour Selection

  • Appropriate background colour or image
  • Background does not interfere when reading text
  • Consistent background and colour scheme on each page of your site


  • Ensure images are sized appropriately for the page - about 300 - 500 pixels
  • Appropriate memory size - less than 50 Kb
  • Good use of thumbnails


  • Good placement of text on the page - good use of white space
  • "Chunk" text - don't have long paragraphs of text - use sub-headings
  • Use tables to place images and text
  • Don't make the pages too long - avoid too much scrolling

Do not have a "Click here to enter the site" - display the home page immediately

Have a contact name on your page

Saving Files

  • Don't put spaces in filenames


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Font Hints (Grantastic Designs)