Hints and Tips when Developing Web Pages


General Comments

  • Create a web site folder for all your files
  • Put all files and images in your webpage folder before you link to them
  • You edit in the web page editor (Dreamweaver, Front Page)
  • You view your web page in a browser (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer)
  • Plan, plan, plan and then prepare your photographs, backgrounds, etc.
  • You can only edit your web page in the web page editor.
  • Remember, you will be continually switching between the editor and the browser.  You cannot edit in the browser.
  • Save your web page frequently and always before you view it in the browser.
  • When you switch to the browser, remember to click on the Reload/Refresh button to display the latest saved file.
  • Remember, it takes time and practice to create web pages.



Web Page Suggestions

  • Have one "front door" - you should not have to knock (click) twice - do not put a "Click Here to enter my site" page - go straight to your home page

  • Have smooth navigation - all main navigation links should be visible on the opening screen

  • Keep the buttons or menu items consistent from page to page - keep the same colour - keep in the same order

  • Do not use spaces in file names

  • Use lower case letters for your file names

  • Be aware of the file size of your images - should not exceed 30 - 40 Kb

  • Size of images displayed on your page should be reasonable  - not too big

  • Check the font colour and background colour/pattern - ensure text is easy to read - good contrast - are visited links easy to read