Inventory of Programs - With Cross-Curricular Connections

I've included links to some of the resources I've created for incorporating coding into the classroom. The resources in the last column show how a teacher might approach teaching a problem. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Lisa Floyd (, @lisaannefloyd on Twitter)



Program(link to video tutorial)

Screen Print of Code


Link to Scratch Program

MOST USEFUL: Accompanying Assignment/Resource

Math (intro)

N/A Adding Two Numbers Adding Two Numbers Screen Print Add Two Numbers Adding Two Numbers Scratch  
Guessing Game Guessing Game Screen Print Guessing Game Algorithm Guessing Game Scratch  
Odd or Even Odd or Even Screen Print Odd or Even Algorithm Odd or Even Scratch  



Kilograms/Grams Converter KG to G Converter Screen Print KG to G Converter Algorithm KG to G Converter Scratch Grade 6 Unit Conversion
Unit Conversion     Unit Conversion Scratch
24 hr to 12 hr Clock Converter     24 hr to 12 hr Clock Converter Scratch Grade 5 - 24 hr to 12 hr Clock and Problem Solving Model


Basic Pattern (adding x value)     Basic Patterning Scratch Grade 4 Patterns
Pattern - Doubling     Pattern Doubling Scratch

Number Sense





Decimal to Binary Dec to Binary Screen Print Dec to Binary Algorithm Decimal to Binary Scratch  

Perfect Square

Perfect Sqaure Screen Print Perfect Sqaure Algorithm Perfect Square Scratch  
Sale Price and Tax Calculator Sale Price and Tax Calc Screen Print Sale Price and Tax Calc Algorithm Sale Price and Tax Calculator Scratch  
Years to Hours Converter     Years to Hours Converter Scratch Grade 6 - Magnitude of Numbers
Litres of Blood Pumped     Litres of Blood Pumped Scratch
Unit Rates Comparison Unit Rates Comparison Screen Print Unit Rates Comparison Algorithm Unit Rates Comparison Scratch Grade 6 Unit Rates
Unit Rate Calculator     Unit Rate Calculator Scratch


      Coding a Star Coding a Star



Three Blind Mice Three Blind Mice Screen Print   Three Blind Mice Scratch  



EtchaScratch EtchaScratch Screen Print   EtchaScratch  


Quiz Game

  Quiz Game Screen Print   Quiz Game Scratch  

Other Resources:



Rubric - Coding and Math Rubric to assess - applying mathematical processes through coding to solve problems.
Adapted Problem Solving Model How coding incorporates George Polya's four-step model for solving math problems.
Algorithm Action and Daily Physical Activity A link for teachers with algorithms to get students up and moving, could be used as a form of Daily Physical Activity. A link to a Smart Notebook file for downloading is available.
Algorithm FlashCards Try these out to learn basic coding concepts without using technology.
Mostly Math - Curriculum Expectations and Programs Suggested Math-Related Programs (from this site) with Specific Curriculum Expectations Listed
Non-Math Curriculum Expectations and Programs Suggested Non-Math Programs (from this site) with Specific Curriculum Expectations Listed
Math + Coding Website UWO's Professor George Gadanidis's website for using math and coding in the classroom.
Programs by Other Educators This page has links to tutorials for other cross-curricular programs created by other educators.
Who to Follow A list of Ontario educators to follow on Twitter (email me if you have additions), along with their websites.